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Decorating trends

Sparkle & Glitz

Whether your look is traditional or glam, the glitter and shine continues to lead in Christmas decor. Add a little glitz with a sparkly snowflake, shinning icicle or a disco ball!

Frost & Ice

Take a frosted tree "dripping" with icicle lights, add a variety of white, silver and glass ornaments and you have created your "winter wonderland" look.

Owls, Owls, Owls & Birds, Birds, Birds

What's the one thing everyone's tree will have this year? Choose from a huge variety of owls to cardinals and bluebirds to long tail feathered friends -- there is a bird for absolutely every look.

Woodland Chic

Do you have a mountain retreat? Are you planning a cabin or cottage getaway over Christmas? Or would you like to bring the woodlands into your home? There is so much to choose from to create this look! Select from extra large pine ones and berry-laden garlands to birch look icicles and woodland fairies - and so much more!

Decorating Tip #1

Once you've set up your tree and checked the lights, take a roll of sineme (wired, mailable mesh available in a variety of colours) and starting at the top of the tree tuck the starting end out of sight and bunch, tuck into the tree and pinch sections to create "bubbles" of colour. Bunch, pinch and push into the tree creating a backdrop for ornaments to be highlighted against.

Add a variety of picks (stemmed floral, glitter or whimsical) to further enhance the backdrop for ornaments to be featured against.

Select a variety of ornaments that includes different shapes, textures and colors. Glass balls, egg shapes, finials, etc. can be hung in twos by looping their strings together.

The finished product should be pleasing to the eye and create a "flow" through colour and shape.
Village Autumn Maple Trees
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