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Halloween Village

  • Cackling Crow Caravan


      Delappitated and unkept, this trailer has been parked a little too long! The old hag who owns this trailer is most happy on Halloween when it see...

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  • Rooted Raven Tree


    Complete with the blackest of feathers, the Rooted Raven Tree has a raven claw base and is one of the spookiest trees around! Introduced October 2...

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  • Beware Of Hitchhikers


      These iconic figures are part of the Disneyland experience at the "Haunted Mansion" and a must have to accessorize the mansion in your display. T...

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  • Honey Bear QC Testing


      Whether it's a myth or fact, a bear cub with it's hand in the honey pot always makes us smile. And he's so-o-o cute, too! Introduced October 202...

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  • Happily Pollinating


      Buzzing through the Garden, the bees are doing a very important job. They pollinate the flowers to make them bloom. Introduced October 2021 Vill...

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  • Imposing Monuments st/3


      Add these larger tombstones to your spooky graveyard. Made of resin, you will want several sets. Introduced October 2021 Village Figures 4.5 in ...

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  • Mummies Parade Set of 2


      This pair of mummies are really wrapped up in their costumes and ready to scare the daylights out of the trick-or-treaters they pass. Introduced...

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  • Mickey's Haunted Manor


      Mickey will give you something good to eat if you are brave enough to visit Mickey's Haunted Manor. Halloween spooks & spirits won't be able ...

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  • Zombie Crawl


    These resin figurines each has a magnet attached to the bottom that allows use on any existing Department 56 animated platform and urn your existin...

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  • Crow Hag


    Surrounded by her besties, the old Crow Hag enjoys feeding the birds her special birdseed mix. Introduced October 2021 Village Figures 3.75 in H x...

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  • Halloween Greeting Doorbell


    4 SOUNDS BATT OP/ BATT N/INCL Materials Plastic Dimensions 7"H 4"W 1.5"D Power Type 3 AAA BATTERIES not included Musical Tune(s) 4 SPOOKY SOUNDS