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Halloween Village

  • Full Moon LIT Backdrop


    From a blue moon to a blood moon to a harvest moon and more, our remote controlled, color changing Full Moon is the perfect lit background for any ...

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  • Elevating Ghoul Aerial


    With a hook that can be positioned to whatever height you desire, our Elevating Ghoul Aerial is designed to haunt the vertical space of your displa...

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  • Spiritual Guidance


    Whether visiting or checking in, you'll encounter a duo of spirits at the gate who will solemnly guide you to your resting place. Introduced Octob...

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  • Nana, I'm Stuffed!


    It's not so much about making scarecrows as it is about making memories when it comes to a day out with the grandchild. Introduced October 2023 Vi...

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  • Touchdowns, Turkey & Pie


    Like Magi with their gifts, the guests arrive with their cherished offerings for the host this holiday. Introduced October 2023 Village Figures 3....

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  • Ichabod Crane's House


    Ultimately demised by the Headless Horseman, lanky and superstitious schoolmaster, Ichabod Crane, and his temperamental plough horse, Gunpowder, da...

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  • Samantha's BOO-tique


    Samantha's has the market cornered when it comes to anti-fashion! Guaranteed to look your worst, Samantha's Boo-tique offers the latest and greates...

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  • Witch Hollow Watertower


    If you're a witch, this one will melt your heart … literally! Because of the danger to its inhabitants, the witches and warlocks of Witch Hollow in...

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  • Monstertini's Nightclub


    Halloween's newest hotspot has everything you want in nightclub frequented by horror royalty but unless you're unlucky enough to know someone on th...

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  • X Marks The Spot


      Dressed as pirates, this father and son duo are following a treasure map to find where the Kraken has struck! This accessory was designed to acco...

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  • The Kraken House


      In Scandinavian folklore, the Kraken is a legendary sea monster of enormous size with an octopus-like appearance & is know to strike fear int...

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  • Trixie's Tricks & Treats


      Welcome to Witch Hollow! Trixie's sells candy, popcorn balls and a wide variety of candy as well as things to trick - like stink bombs, buzzers &...

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  • Polar Royalty


      The royal couple always get to ride on the Homecoming float. The local team, the Polars are in first place this year! The float is being pulled b...

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  • Go Polars!


      Let's cheer for the team, "Go Polars!" Introduced October 2022 Village Figures 3.66 in H x 1.97 in W x 2.13 in L

  • Matriboney


      Our latest addition to the "Bones" accessory series is "Matriboney" -- a couple who might have shown up a little late at the church. Introduced ...

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  • Explosive Skullduggery


      These two unscrupulous pirates are preparing to launch a skull from their ancient iron cannon, such skullduggery behavior is typical for pirates ...

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  • Pirate Haven Hideaway


      Built from a shipwrecked boat, "Pirate Haven Hideaway" will make everyone who sees it say Arrgh! Details include a base of a sandy beach and a pa...

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  • Eat More Brains


      Designed to accompany "Taco Tombsday Taco Truck", this zombie is having a hard time deciding what to eat for lunch tacos, or brains?! Introduced...

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