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Halloween Village

  • Halloween Greeting Doorbell


    4 SOUNDS BATT OP/ BATT N/INCL Materials Plastic Dimensions 7"H 4"W 1.5"D Power Type 3 AAA BATTERIES not included Musical Tune(s) 4 SPOOKY SOUNDS

  • Medusa, The Gorgon


    Medusa, The Gorgon appears outside the crypt dedicated to her memory. Beware, she may cast an evil spell on you and turn you into stone! Introduce...

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  • Haunted Scary Go Round


    One of the ghoulish and best animated pieces ever to be introduced for Snow Village Halloween. The Haunted Scary Go-Round rotates and features icon...

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  • Village Ghost Office


    They still get mail at the local Village Ghost Office. Housed in a building that was once a handsome architectural design, it now is reduced to cra...

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  • Calming the Bees


    Our beekeeper, appropriately dressed for protection uses a smoker to calm the bees when harvesting the honeycombs from the hive. Introduced Octobe...

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  • Honey Hive


      Honey is a tasty fall treat and now you can add this sweet roadside stand to your fall display. It features many varieties of fresh harvested hon...

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  • Bread of the Dead


      Bread of the Dead is a sweet bread that is baked during the Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead. It is a light and egg-y sweet bread that is s...

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  • Mommy Treats


    Great all wrapped up this Halloween for Trick-or-Treating with these classic coordinating mummy costumes. Introduced October 2021 Village Figures ...

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  • Rest In Peace, 2022


    The tomb of the underworld goddess, Medusa, one of the three Gorgon sisters features the evil eye, and the snakes that were said to be growing out ...

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  • Upchuck's Soup Kitchen


    Soup is usually a welcome and warming meal on a cool fall day, except when it comes from Upchuck's Soup Kitchen. We're never sure what ingredients ...

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  • The Mummy House


    The newest addition to Trick-or-Treat Lane is The Mummy House. This lighted piece is an homage to the many versions of the Mummy, starting with the...

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  • Rachel's Retreat & Spa


    Even the witches of Witch Hollow deserve a little time for relaxation. hey all head to Rachel's Retreat & Spa for the classic wart enhancement...

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  • Day of the Dead Crypt


     Ceramic building with adapter cord 6.65 inches Height x 5.83 inches Width x 4.8 inches Length  Lights Up

  • Minnie's Pumpkintown House


    Introduced January 2021 LIT_HOUSE Hand crafted and hand painted porcelain lit building.

  • Fright Night Lit Base


    Introduced January 2021 6.5"H x 5.75"W x 9.25"L Resin and Sisal Battery operated. Compatible with AC/DC    

  • A Cryptic Cave Mystic


    Introduced January 2021 Hand crafted and hand painted ceramic accessory.

  • Haunted Swamp Shanty


    Introduced January 2021 7"H x 7.5"W x 10.25"L  Hand crafted and hand painted ceramic lit building Replacement bulb (56.99244)