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Dicken's Village

  • Zoological Gardens Gate


      This gate will make a grand statement. It is made of porcelain with metal gates. Introduced October 2022 Accessory 3.74 in H x 1.02 in W x 5.55 ...

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  • Ramsgate Lighthouse


     The Dickens' Village Ramsgate Lighthouse as we know it, was built in 1842. It overlooks the English Channel where visitors get breathtaking views ...

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  • Nightwatch


      The Nightwatch raises a lantern to check to make sure that all is well in the harbour. This accessory was designed to accompany Ramsgate Lighthou...

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  • I Feel Pretty


      With her new and fashionable dress and hat, this Londoner can truly say, "I feel retty." This accessory was designed to accompany Mary Margaret's...

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  • Otto Of Roses Perfumery


    History tells us that Perfumeries originally sold oils and pomanders to keep undesirable orders at bay. Later they became part of the cosmetic indu...

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  • The Perfect Fragrance


      This accessory features a shopkeeper showing a customer a brand new fragrance. The piece was designed to accompany Otto of Roses Perfumery. Intr...

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  • The partridge & pear department 56

    The Partridge & Pear


    Part of the Dickens' Village Series from Department 56. Victorian England, where many traditions we celebrate today took shape. Inspired by the res...

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  • Holiday cab ride department 56

    Holiday Cab Ride


    4.25 x 2.25 x 6" Introduced 2017 Porcelain

  • Garraway's Coffee House


     Inspired by "Garraway's Coffee House" from the 18th century, this coffee house was not only a gathering place, but a place where important busines...

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  • Fresh, Hot Coffee!


      This patron of Garraway's Coffee House is careful to sip his fresh hot coffee in the proper British manner. This accessory is designed to accompa...

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  • Dickens Town Tree


    Special Edition, new for 2015. Each Village, including Dickens' Village, will showcase a town tree. Hand-Crafted and Hand-Painted Porcelain, highl...

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  • Snowball Fun


    Size: 4 x 2 x 3.5" Introduced December, 2006

  • Winter Game of Catch


      Introduced October 2022 Village Figures 2.25 in H x 1.42 in W x 2.91 in L

  • Rooster Inn


    Travelers stop at the "Rooster Inn" for a pint of ale and a bowl of soup. It's place to gather, share the latest news and gossip and learn about th...

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  • To Keep The Doctor Away


    An apple a day keeps the doctor away is a common English-language proverb that appeared in the 19th century,. It advocated for the consumption of a...

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