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The Original Snow Village

  • Holiday Flats


    This four-plex apartment building is all decked out with holiday decorations that reflect the style of each resident! Each is unique and different!...

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  • Bea's Beehive Salon


    Created in the early 1960s, the beehive hairstyle is still a popular "do" at Bea's Beehive Salon." Peek in the front window to see ladies relaxing ...

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  • Oh Holy Night House


      A beautiful LED lit star shines over the house and guides visitors to the large nativity in the front yard of the "O Holy Night" house, the lates...

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  • Engine 223 Fire House


      There's a new Fire House in town, it's "Engine 223 Fire House" for The Original Snow Village. The engine bays are on the first floor while the up...

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  • The Grinch House


      Look what's come to "Christmas Lane" for the Original Snow Village! Why it's The Grinch House! It's got a grinchy tree, a Grinchy sleigh on the r...

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  • Pet & Vet


      A couple of new businesses have come to The Original Snow Village. The Pet Shop is conveniently located right next door to Rachel's Veterinary Cl...

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  • Crayola Crayon Store


      Bright primary colors on the awning and giant crayons on the outside tell everyone in Snow Village that new "Crayola Crayon Store" is open for bu...

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  • Grapevine winery d56

    Grapevine Winery


    Outstanding design coupled with interesting architecture make Grapevine Winery appeal to many fans. The walls feature a unique blend of stone and b...

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  • Sold out

    Reindeer Gas Station

    Original Price $206.00
    Current Price $152.00

    This "full service" station features the rapid red reindeer on the covered entryway letting customers know that their service will be speedy with a...

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  • Lot 60, Christmas Court


    Ceramic Building with light cord Dimensions: 4.25" in H x 6.75" in W x 11.25" in L

  • Christmas at Grandma's


    Everyone enjoys a visit with grandma, and her house always has the best treats! Peek in the window to see the dinner table set for the occasion. Ma...

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  • A Holy Family Church


    "Peace To All That Enter", is the welcome sign above the door, inviting everyone to join the Christmastime Celebrations inside. Set of 2 includes a...

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  • Perch Palace


      Many fisherman enjoy catching perch, a freshwater fish that is good eating. This is the 6th fish shack in the sub-series for The Original Snow Vi...

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  • 1231 Dunn Street


      Located at 1231 Dunn Street this raised basement design allows for larger windows and more usable space in the basement. Introduced October 2022...

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  • Brite Lites Holiday House department 56

    Brite Lites Holiday House

    Original Price $197.00
    Current Price $125.00

    Every neighborhood has a house that goes out of its way to be noticed for the holidays. This once-modest home uses a pair of towering Brite Lites t...

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  • Woodlands Family Church

    Original Price $162.00
    Current Price $122.00

      Introduced January 2021 7.5"H x 7.5"W x 8.25"L Hand crafted and hand painted ceramic lit building. Replacement Bulb (56.99244)    

  • Dairy Queen department 56

    Dairy Queen


    Our old fashioned Dairy Queen is a welcome treat to the folks in Snow Village. Designed with lots of vintage flare, decals represent the menu board...

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  • A Festive Christmas Gate


     After hosting the over-decorated house contest for 18 years, this year "Christmas Lane" will feature a beautiful gate announcing this special sub-...

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