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Customer Service

Every year Santa and his elves do an amazing job world-wide! We try to keep up to Santa’s standard and here at The Spirit of Christmas we also recruit the elves to help with replying to the hundreds of emails, shipping packages all over the globe and answering the thousand telephone calls and personal inquiries. We trust you will receive extraordinary service in our store and at the check-out counter from the welcoming “Hello” as you enter to the efficient wrapping and checking of your packages.

The Spirit of Christmas management team places orders for the entire year’s product lines in January of each year with periodic top-up orders throughout the year should we start to get low on an item – IF product is still available. Should you have a custom inquiry or require a significant amount of a particular item or items, we are happy to assist. Such orders are best placed a year in advance if possible or notification of our office in November to January for the following Christmas. Terms can definitely be discussed! So you’ll have to forgive us if we are out of your favourite ornament – we’re only as good as our crystal ball will allow!

The Spirit of Christmas is in constant motion! New displays are created, new Christmas trees designed and new product arrives almost monthly. There’s always something new to come and see at The Spirit of Christmas!

If we can do anything to make your store visit or your on-line shopping experience better, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Thank you for shopping at The Spirit of Christmas, Banff.