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New Arrivals

  • Out About Town S/3


    Part of holiday magic is the way Christmas lights reflect and twinkle off the shiny cars that line the busy streets. Introduced October 2023 Villa...

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  • Dum Dums Taste Buds


    Santa's taste engineers are degreed, licensed and certified by the State Board of Deliciousness before being permitted to inspect candies. Introdu...

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  • Time To Decorate


    Untangling lights is a tradition for Christmas enthusiasts dating back generations! Introduced October 2023 Village Figures 3.6 in H x 1.75 in W x...

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  • Bauble's Ornament House


    Whether you call it an ‘ogee' or an ‘onion', Bauble's house is the shape of everything magical this season for the North Pole Series! Introduced O...

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  • The Daily Grind


    The Bean Depot owes much of its decadence to the beans that are dark roasted and hand ground by Santa's baristas throughout the day. Introduced Oc...

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  • 56 Wagon Factory


    Santa knows a ride in a shiny red wagon is a core memory central to most childhoods. To help ensure he's stamping enough of them in time to meet th...

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  • Friends & Neighbors S/3


    If happiness is the relationships we keep, our new Friends & Neighbors figure sets bring you one step closer to bliss! Introduced October 2023...

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  • 87 West 56th Street


    White poinsettias and delicate snowberries will be the new standard of elegance after society witnesses the neutral yet exceptional beauty of 87 We...

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  • Such A Lovely Lovebird


    Her heart filled with the beauty and the majesty of God's tiny creature perched upon her outstretched hand. Introduced October 2023 Village Figure...

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  • An Aviary, In Honor


    Because birds symbolized the virtues an ideal woman of the Victorian era was supposed to display, aviaries became an attraction for anyone desirabl...

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  • Kingsford Rug Merchant


    Skilled in old school Axminster weaving, Sir Kingsford and his small staff of artisans pride themselves on their gorgeous hand knotted rugs. Each t...

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  • Light As A Drugget


    Druggets were inexpensive coverings laid overtop fine, expensive rugs seasonally to prevent wear in-between social gatherings. Introduced October ...

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