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Dicken's Village

  • Cricket's Hearth Cottage


    This beautiful cobblestone cottage was named for the third Christmas story written by Charles Dickens' in 1845, "The Cricket On The Hearth." *Coord...

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  • A Christmas Honeymoon


    Perhaps this is John and Dot Peerybingle, the main characters in the Dickens' Christmas story, "Cricket on the Hearth." The couple is ready to spen...

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  • Joseph Edward tea shoppe department 56

    Joseph Edward Tea Shoppe


    During the 1800s, it was popular to speculate which clipper ship carrying tea from the Far East would arrive first in London. The side of our Josep...

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  • Fishmonger


    The newest addition to the open-air Christmas Market in Dickens' Village is the "Fishmonger" where fresh caught fish is always available for sale. ...

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  • Pomanders For Sale


      The fruit vender also sells pomanders, oranges stuffed with whole cloves and when dried are used to scent a drawer or closet. Introduced January...

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  • Dickens' Market Gate


     Featuring a decorative iron gate and brick entrance, the Christmas Market is surely the place to buy trimmings and gifts of the season. *Coordinat...

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  • Come One, Come All!


    Advertising in around London in the 19th century, this "sandwich man" walked around and announced news of what is being sold at the local Christmas...

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  • St James Hall


    St. James Hall was a large concert hall, opened in 1858, and could seat 2,000 people. In 1868, Charles Dickens presented a final series of "Farewel...

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  • Huffam Fields Farm


    Named for one of Charles Dickens' middle names (he had two), Charles John Huffam Dickens. Huffam Fields Farm is a handsome cobblestone barn that wa...

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  • Fast Friends


    The young farm hand is making "Fast Friends" with a hungry cat who follows the youngster carrying pails of fresh milk from the barn. Introduced Ja...

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  • Covent Garden Manor


    Covent Garden is a district in London, on the eastern fringes of the West End, between St Martin's Lane and Drury Lane. This manor house is a fine ...

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  • Gardener For Hire


    The gardener prides himself in his ability to sculpt fine topiaries for the manor house in Covent Gardens. Introduced January 2022 Village Figures...

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  • Ye Olde Goat Pub


    With traditional tudor-style exposed beams, "Ye Olde Goat Pub" has a cheery façade and fits in nicely as a neighborhood pub. It's where all the loc...

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  • Sold out

    Drinking Mates


      The drinking mates here are a local pub patron and his goat who fancies a pint now and then! Introduced October 2022 Village Figures 2.63 in H x...

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