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Dicken's Village

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    Royal Corps of Drums


     Introduced January 2021 9"H x 5"W x 6.75"L  Hand crafted and hand painted porcelain lit building Replacement bulb (56.99244)

  • scrooge's boyhood home dickens
    Sold out

    Scrooge's Boyhood Home


    2020 Set of 4, includes lit building, accessory, sisal tree & bag of snow 5.75 x 5.25 x 7", 2.25 x 1.25 x 2" Porcelain

  • Snowball Fun


    Size: 4 x 2 x 3.5" Introduced December, 2006

  • St James Hall


    St. James Hall was a large concert hall, opened in 1858, and could seat 2,000 people. In 1868, Charles Dickens presented a final series of "Farewel...

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  • St Pancras Old Church


    "Saint Pancras Old Church" is a parish church in Somers Town, Central London. It is believed to be the oldest site of Christian worship in England ...

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  • Suffragettes


    Introduced January 2021  3.25"H x 2"W x 2"L Hand crafted and hand painted porcelain accessory.

  • The Hardy Ash


    Introduced January 2021 Porcelain Set of 2 Figure  2.5"H x 1"W x 2.5"L Tree 5.5"H x 2.25"W x 2.25"L

  • The Mulberry Gate House


    Gatehouses provided protection, creating a stopping checkpoint at the entrance of an estate, with the gatekeeper having comfortable quarters upsta...

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  • To Keep The Doctor Away


    An apple a day keeps the doctor away is a common English-language proverb that appeared in the 19th century,. It advocated for the consumption of a...

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  • west india docks dickens village

    West India Docks


    2020 Set of 2 Includes Boat 5.5 x5 x 6.25", 5x2.5 x5.5" Porcelain