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New Arrivals

  • Mommy Treats


    Great all wrapped up this Halloween for Trick-or-Treating with these classic coordinating mummy costumes. Introduced October 2021 Village Figures ...

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  • Norny's Ornament House


    This new residence at the North Pole is the ultimate in upcycling! Norny has turned a shiny red ornament, complete with a signature brass hanger an...

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  • Clark, Gone...


    That squirrel is outta here! Snots has successfully chased the squirrel right out of the tree and into the arms of, who else, Margo! Introduced Ja...

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  • In The Arms Of God


    This Snowbaby is safe and protected, being wrapped in the arms of God.  Introduced January 2022 Hand-crafted in creamy bisque porcelain.

  • Canine Nativity


    3.5"H 7 PC SET Canine Creche w/ Blanket Robes Resin  

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    Cat Nativity


    3.2" 6PC Set Cat Pageant CrecheRESIN/WOLLASTONITE POWDER 3.25"H X 2"W X 2.75"L

  • Crow Hag


    Surrounded by her besties, the old Crow Hag enjoys feeding the birds her special birdseed mix. Introduced October 2021 Village Figures 3.75 in H x...

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  • Ghostbusters Slimer


    Unfortunately for Slimer, his ravenous appetite compelled the hotel to call the Ghostbusters, & he found himself on the wrong end of a proton ...

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  • Mouse Nativity


    3.75"H 6PC Set Mouse Pageant with Gold Accents and Stable Box Materials RESIN/STONE MIX  3.75"H 1.75"W 1.75"L

  • Oxford's Tom Tower


      Tom Tower is the bell tower in Oxford, England and houses the "Great Tom" bell, the loudest bell in the city. The stone tower was designed by Chr...

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  • Holiday Starter Home


    This brand new home is all decked out for the holidays for the very first time and is waiting for the first time homeowners to move in! Let the Chr...

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  • Oh Holy Night House


      A beautiful LED lit star shines over the house and guides visitors to the large nativity in the front yard of the "O Holy Night" house, the lates...

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  • Doug's Donut Shop


    We have it on good authority that Doug makes the best donuts in town, and a great cup of coffee to go with that donut! Introduced January 2022 Lig...

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  • Haunted Scary Go Round


    One of the ghoulish and best animated pieces ever to be introduced for Snow Village Halloween. The Haunted Scary Go-Round rotates and features icon...

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  • Village Ghost Office


    They still get mail at the local Village Ghost Office. Housed in a building that was once a handsome architectural design, it now is reduced to cra...

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    Rooster Inn


    Travelers stop at the "Rooster Inn" for a pint of ale and a bowl of soup. It's place to gather, share the latest news and gossip and learn about th...

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  • The Manhattan


    The Manhattan is one of the city's hottest spots for dinner and parties. The building stands on the corner and shows off its hanging poinsettia bas...

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  • Upchuck's Soup Kitchen


    Soup is usually a welcome and warming meal on a cool fall day, except when it comes from Upchuck's Soup Kitchen. We're never sure what ingredients ...

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