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Halloween Village Accessories

  • Haunted Skull Tree


      With sparkling glitter and lots of spooky skulls, the "Haunted Skull Tree" is lit and rotates. It will be the perfect centerpiece to any Village ...

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  • Scary Stumps Set/2


      No, you are not seeing things, these really are "Scary Stumps." Sold as a set of 2, each stump features a scary little monster face. Introduced ...

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  • Spider Tree


      They spin their webs in trees, in the corners of houses and hang from silky threads. They can be creepy especially at Halloween. This Spider tree...

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  • The Rabid Pumpkin Bandit


      Sitting beneath the wiry bare branch tree you'll find a rabid little raccoon nibbling on one of his favorite treats, a carved pumpkin. Introduce...

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  • Down On Their Luck


      Down by the swamp a trap has been installed to catch the monster who lurks at the bottom of the swamp. The piece is LED lit for a spooky effect o...

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  • A Clowder Of Black Cats


      Black cats can be found everywhere on Halloween! This set of three separate cats allows you to place each on in a different spot, to amuse, frigh...

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  • Sasquatch Silhouette set


      There's a Sasquatch Crossing sign to warn visitors that you might be able to see the infamous Sasquatch! Our sasquatch is a metal silhouette that...

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  • Wolfman's Howl


      Based on an 18th century German tale, our "Wolfman's Howl" will scare the socks off you! Introduced October 2022 Village Figures 3.7 in H x 1.95...

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  • Bone, James Bone


      Our artists enjoy coming up with new additions to the Bones accessory series. Here's their interpretation to a movie classic. Introduced October...

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  • Raised From the Dirt


      Trying to escape from his coffin, "Raised From the Dirt" is a fun take on a skeleton from the crypt who is really getting into the spirit of the ...

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  • Scary Skeletons Steps


      When you step on these "Scary Skeleton Stairs" you may get a little nervous, but they will surely take your display to the next level! Introduce...

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  • Scary Skeletons Tree


      With skulls piled around the base, you'll want to add several of the black bare branch trees to your Halloween Village. Bendable branches allow y...

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  • Scary Skeletons Throne


      Take your display to the next level by adding this detailed and scary skeleton throne into your scene. No one but the owner of the throne will da...

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