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Halloween Village Accessories

  • Lit Ghost Billboard


      This lit billboard will be a boo-tiful addition to your Halloween village, announcing "Fun for the whole family" at the annual Halloween festivit...

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  • Halloween Signs Set of 3


      Using familiar logos from other Halloween pieces, this set of three signs will help to define areas in your Halloween Village display. Decorati...

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  • Vintage Pumpkins Set 5


      With classic designs from the 1950s and 1960s, these "Vintage Pumpkins" will add a little color and charm to your Halloween Village display. This...

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  • Scary Clean Up


      A fun way to reuse all those fallen leaves, this Villager rakes up a big pile to fill the pumpkin shaped bags. A great addition to your Original ...

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  • Rex Need More Candy


      Taking his son by the hand, this youngster dressed as a ferocious T-Rex tells his dad, "Rex Needs More Candy." Introduced October 2022 Village F...

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  • X Marks The Spot


      Dressed as pirates, this father and son duo are following a treasure map to find where the Kraken has struck! This accessory was designed to acco...

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  • The Corn Creeper


      If you go out in the field, just after dark, beware of the "Corn Creeper". He is waiting for you! Introduced October 2022 Village Figures 6 in H...

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  • Polar Royalty


      The royal couple always get to ride on the Homecoming float. The local team, the Polars are in first place this year! The float is being pulled b...

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  • Go Polars!


      Let's cheer for the team, "Go Polars!" Introduced October 2022 Village Figures 3.66 in H x 1.97 in W x 2.13 in L

  • Double Trouble


      This very traditional witch, dressed all in black with her black cat, broom stick and pointed hat, is a spooky addition to your Halloween display...

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  • Matriboney


      Our latest addition to the "Bones" accessory series is "Matriboney" -- a couple who might have shown up a little late at the church. Introduced ...

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  • Explosive Skullduggery


      These two unscrupulous pirates are preparing to launch a skull from their ancient iron cannon, such skullduggery behavior is typical for pirates ...

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  • Eat More Brains


      Designed to accompany "Taco Tombsday Taco Truck", this zombie is having a hard time deciding what to eat for lunch tacos, or brains?! Introduced...

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  • Scary Witch Tree


      If you look at just the right angle you will see the Scary Witch face on the old tree. Her broom and black cat stand by in case she is transforme...

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  • Rooted Raven Tree


    Complete with the blackest of feathers, the Rooted Raven Tree has a raven claw base and is one of the spookiest trees around! Introduced October 2...

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  • Beware Of Hitchhikers


      These iconic figures are part of the Disneyland experience at the "Haunted Mansion" and a must have to accessorize the mansion in your display. T...

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  • Honey Bear QC Testing


      Whether it's a myth or fact, a bear cub with it's hand in the honey pot always makes us smile. And he's so-o-o cute, too! Introduced October 202...

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